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Research Projects

The PFF Scholars Program


The Valhalla Fund is thrilled to announce our recent donation of $110,000 to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) Scholars program, a vital initiative dedicated to advancing research and awareness for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). Our dedication extends beyond financial contributions; we are deeply committed to driving critical fundraising efforts, research projects, and awareness-building initiatives to combat IPF and make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the disease.

This impactful initiative is designed to cultivate emerging researchers dedicated to advancing the understanding of pulmonary fibrosis, a debilitating lung disease that affects individuals worldwide. Researchers selected for the PFF Scholars program receive a prestigious $100,000 research grant annually. These grants empower scholars to delve into critical areas such as basic science, translational research, clinical research, epidemiological research, and health services research, fostering a deepened understanding of this debilitating lung disease that affects individuals worldwide.

By funding projects that show promise in advancing our knowledge of pulmonary fibrosis, the PFF aims to accelerate research progress and pave the way for scholars to secure additional grants for their impactful work.


The PPF Scholars program is strategically crafted to empower talented researchers to secure independent funding and make significant contributions to the field of pulmonary fibrosis. By funding projects with high potential to deepen our knowledge of the disease, the PFF aims to accelerate research progress and assist scholars in securing additional grants for their impactful work. Each grant application undergoes rigorous evaluation by a committee of international experts to ensure scientific merit, innovation, and alignment with the specific goals of the award categories.

Through our support of the PFF Scholars program, the Valhalla Fund actively contributes to the advancement of research on pulmonary fibrosis, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for individuals grappling with this challenging condition. 

Expert Research Review
The Valhalla Fund is invited to support a comprehensive review of day-to-day care for patients with familial pulmonary fibrosis. The goal is to establish current best practices, identify gaps, and outline future research areas. The review will cover genetics, precision medicine, existing medications, genetic counseling, comprehensive patient care, post-transplant care, care of the next generation, and genetic correction. A distinguished faculty of experts will gather, with a timeline spanning Summer 2024 to Spring 2025. Funding of $30,000 will support organization, publication, and presentation costs.

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