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Christian's Honda ADV 175 Scooter

Christian's scooter is a sleek and powerful machine, designed to handle the rigors of the open road. With its aerodynamic body and high-performance engine, this scooter is built for speed and endurance. Equipped with top-of-the-line features and cutting-edge technology, it's the choice for taking on the toughest challenges of the Scooter Cannonball.



  • Yoshimura exhaust

  • Yuminashi 175 kit

  • Performance Cam

  • Aracer AF2 Wideband Air/Fuel Controller

  • Front, and side crash bars

  • Shad case system

  • Corbin seat

  • Cardo PackTalk Edge communication

  • Rigid cube lights

  • Front led low running lights

  • Yoshimura LED 4-way tail lights

  • Yoshimura rear fender eliminator

  • Mirror extenders

  • ST2 blinking rear brake module

  • Aftermarket front windscreen

  • Aluminum radiator cover

  • Gerbing heated gear

  • Heated hand grips

  • Barkbuster Storm carbon fiber hand protection

  • Ram mount phone system

  • Tire pressure management system

  • Supreme Aux fuel bottle

  • S23 Variator Kit

  • Splash Guard Mud Hugger Fender

  • Garmin Zumo XT

  • Garmin InReach Mini

  • Front Disk Brake Protector Pad

  • Asahi Long Screen from WeBike​

  • YSS Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers

  • YSS Front Fork Springs

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